13 Best Physical Exercises for Men

If you’re a dude then you must’ve heard the old adage “switch your routine every four weeks for optimal gains.” But what happens when you’re past the first month of exercise and don’t know any other routines? This is something that many people go through when they’re first starting off. Don’t give up! Keep working at it to get your ideal pecs and abs. Here are 15 things you can do to reach your dream physique quicker.

1.Romanian Deadlift

Most people tend to work on their arms and chest so much that they forget the importance of lower-back health. Any veteran gym-goer will tell you that working the lower back, butt, and legs are important in achieving a muscular physique. In addition, Romanian deadlifting will increase the flexibility of your hamstrings so sitting or bending over all day won’t leave you sore for weeks.



Like deadlifting, squatting works almost every major muscle group in your body. This is one of the most crucial exercises for athletes who are looking to develop the muscles in their legs and glutes. Doing squats regularly can increase running speed, jumping height, and overall strength in your bottom



Deadlifting is the cornerstone of any fitness plan. It hits every important muscle group, helping you in producing and releasing a ton of testosterone – the hormone which helps build muscle – it the bloodstream.


4. Bench Press

To build shoulders, triceps, and pecs, make bench pressing a regular part of your gym routine. This simple yet effective exercise will give you physique to wear tight-fitting tops with confidence. When somebody asks you “What do you bench?” they’re referring to this and how much weight you can lift.

5. Kettlebell Swing

This is not to be confused with regular squatting mixed with front raises. The Kettlebell Swing builds hip muscles and flexibility as well as conditions your glutes. When done correctly, this move can help with improve cardio and hip strength due to the explosive movement.

6. Suspended Pushup

Suspension-training systems such as the TRX have been the main focus of the fitness population. When doing suspended pushups, the instability of the handles develops shoulders, back, and even stomach muscles. Doing this will build muscle mass much quicker than traditional pushups.


7. Medicine Ball Slam

If you want to look like a muscular model in magazines, then get to slamming a medicine ball. Combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise, doing the medicine ball slam could carve out a sexy map of muscle in your stomach region.

8. Farmer’s Walk

You might think that using complicated machines at the gym is the best way to build muscle mass. However, simplicity is oftentimes much more effective. After working out, cool down by doing a couple farmer’s walks. Carry a pair of heavy dumbbells that you normally couldn’t lift and hold it for 30 to 60 seconds. Your arms will feel like they’re on fire but after a few weeks of doing this, you’ll be able to lift more in no time.

9. Incline Dumbbell Curl

This move positions your arms behind you and allows for a wider range of movement than traditional curls. Lie back on an incline bench while you let the weight of the dumbbells pull your arms down. With your palm facing forward, curl the weights all the way up the drop them halfway while holding them at that positions for five seconds. In the beginning you’ll feel like your arms are on fire, but keep it up; your biceps will thank you.

10. Banded Good Morning

This looks like it would cause severe back problems later on in life, but it’s actually good for your back health. Banded good mornings are more of a physical therapy than anything else. Doing this every so often is a great way to help tone your thigh muscles to better the quality of your squats.

11. Swiss Ball Rollout 

This is a must-do exercise if you want to gain a six-pack. It’s not the easiest of exercises to do, especially if you’re a beginner, but it’s definitely worth the burn. The ball puts tension on your abs which, as the experts say, is the secret to chiseling muscles in your midsection.

12. Suspended Inverted Row

The only surefire way to overcome imbalances in your physique is by working out both sides of your body simultaneously. With this suspended version of the classic row, your wings will and arms will get the burning workout to keep muscle weakness at bay. Be sure to keep your chin up as you do this and get a suspension trainer to help you perfect the technique.

14. Barbell Overhead Pass

There are some people who would argue that doing barbell overhead passes is much more effective than regular bench presses. The reason is that it requires a great amount of strength and stability in your abs to pull it off. Not to mention the major burn you’ll feel in your chest and shoulder muscles.