Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Use Solar Energy

In simple terms, the conversion of sunlight or sun rays into electricity by photovoltaic or mirrors is known as solar power. Also, it can convert into both thermal and electrical energy. It is a renewable and cleanest energy that causes no harm to the environment.

We all know that some resources are limited and will run out one day, but the sun will always remain there. Are you aware that the amount of energy the sun produces for an hour can meet the global energy need for a year? So we all need to understand what solar energy is, and its uses/advantages.

1. Environment friendly


The most significant advantage of having solar energy is that it’s environment friendly and causes no harm to the environment in any regard. Other forms of energy, such as Fossil fuels, harm the environment because they produce greenhouse gases that pollute the environment, but Solar power has no such effects. Another advantage is that Solar energy requires very little water while other electric technologies require a good amount of water.

2. Pollution Free


Traditional electricity is made by burning fossil fuels which cause air pollution, emission of greenhouse gases, and more production of CO2. It also causes water pollution and noise pollution by creating unpleasant noise, but Solar power, on the other hand, is pollution-free. No noise is being created while using solar energy.


3. Abundant Energy


The population is growing day by day and will keep growing. Resources like- natural gas, coal, and oil are limited on earth, and they will end at some point or will be very costly due to their unavailability. Solar energy is one of the best ways to hedge against such a situation because the sun is the earth’s most abundant resource, and it will cause no damage to the world. By adopting solar you will save the planet and our limited resources.

4. Saves money


You have to invest once in solar panels; after that, the amount of energy the sun will give you will be free of cost, which means now you don’t have to worry about your massive amount of electricity bills. Energy demands are high from eleven am to four pm. At this time, the electricity price also increases, but the great news is that this is the time when solar power production is at its maximum capacity. Another thing if you are worried about the days when it will be cloudy, storm, shade, or no sunlight, how will you manage? For that, you can power up your solar batteries, which will support you during days of no sunlight. Your reliability on electricity companies will decrease if you start using solar energy.


5. Low Maintenance


Other electricity systems contain moving parts that get rusted or damaged by time, so they require regular servicing or maintenance to work efficiently. But solar power has no or tiny moving parts, which requires very minimal maintenance, and can be done by an ordinary person. You will have to clean your solar panels sometimes because, in some areas, rain is enough for cleansing of panels. Also, solar panels last for 30 years.

6. Install anywhere

The best feature about solar power is that it can be installed anywhere. You don’t need to have a separate plain area to install solar panels. They can be installed on your rooftop, barn, shade, or anywhere where sunlight falls. You can even use an inhabitable or underutilized land for the installation of solar energy. Also, do you know the installation of solar panels will increase your property value? So you can consider them as long-term investments.

7. Boom in economy

Solar energy is providing more jobs than the traditional ones (coal or oil). They alone generate twice more workplaces as the oil and coal industry combined. Also, jobs in coal and oil industries are dangerous, while employment in the renewable energy industry is safer. The US economy has noted 12 times faster growth due to Solar. Countries like China, the US, and Germany have launched a plan to reduce global gas emissions by 40%. The project will include building of the new factories, which will further generate 430,000 additional jobs.

8. Renewable

Coal and oil is not a renewable resource, but solar is. A renewable resource can be used repeatedly, does not run out, has an endless supply, and can recover quickly, while non-renewable are the opposite. Solar energy is a renewable resource and possesses all these qualities.

If each one of us starts adopting solar in place of traditional ones, then we can have a healthy surrounding and a bright future.

9. Uses

Solar energy can be used anywhere. Today Solar energy is being used in different fields. First and foremost for generating electricity, and in water heating systems. Do you know that the street lights in your streets are solar lights? In the coming years, you will see Solar transportation (the existing transportation that works on oil will be replaced by solar transit). Currently, Solar cars are available in the market. Within the upcoming years, solar will be a widely used resource and will be used everywhere.

10. A chance for remote areas

It has been long since electricity was discovered but are you aware that even today, 13% of the world population lives without electricity. You and I live in an urban and developed area, and enjoy full access to electricity, but what about the areas where there is no electricity? For them, Solar will be a great chance because solar panels don’t require a setup of wires, a connection, or a tower. It can be set up anywhere. Solar batteries can store electricity which can be used when needed. With the help of Solar energy, we can light every spot in the world.

Let’s together head towards a cleaner and safer world because if we don’t change the currently ongoing damage to our environment, then maybe it will be too late and become irreparable damage.