Want to know where to invest $1,000

If you know much about us at the Motley Fool then you probably know how well we’ve done identifying massive technological trends and then finding stocks that can benefit in explosive ways.

Like we did with:

  • Amazon and the e-commerce revolution, our recommendation up +23,235since we first recommended it September 6th, 2002
  • Or Netflix and the streaming trend, up +35,450% since December 17th, 2004
  • Or Booking Holdings and the online travel explosion, up +9,588since we recommended it on May 21st, 2004

And all with our calm, diversified, long-term investing approach. We sleep well at night! (And we want you to as well!)

So what are we seeing today that might be the next big world-changing trend?

Well, it’s 5G, which, if our thesis holds up, could be right here… somewhere around this important inflection point.

That would mean it’s potentially poised to explode with opportunity, and I think it could be a great place to invest $1,000 right now. But of course you have to ask… well, which stock?

To answer that, let’s think about why 5G appears to be such a game-changer and what this inflection point could mean.

This chart shows you how some tech sectors like e-commerce accelerated like a rocket just a few months ago, off an inflection point that was the beginning of the lockdown. We call such an inflection point Phase 2… when stock gains that previously took more than a decade of painstaking work are achieved in just weeks of time.

We’ve seen this happen before — and in a more predictable manner — when new technology like the Internet and smartphones hit their own rocket-like Phase 2 inflection points.

Amazing charts, aren’t they? The gains by investors taking advantage could have been phenomenal!


This brings me to the reason for this message to you today:

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I think 5G is sitting near that inflection point for one good reason.

It’s all because of Apple announcing their first-ever 5G iPhones.

And so… while maybe you’ve heard about 5G in bits and pieces before… it’s now moving into the mainstream, and experts predict it could potentially reach 18-fold growth in 2020 alone and eventually impact $13.2 trillion in global sales on an annual basis.

The numbers behind its potential are simply massive.

By mid-next decade it’s estimated that 5G could enable sales that are 70X greater than all of big data sales in 2019 and 22X greater than sales from all e-commerce last year!

This appears to be a game-changer for investors.

But what to invest in? 

Believe me, I think you could do a lot worse with your $1,000 than investing it in Apple. In fact, consider this my gift to you, a free stock pick that is a current recommendation in many of our services.

But while you consider Apple, here is the twist… and one I think is great for small investors like us.

While a lot of people are eyeing some of the more obvious names like Apple — or Samsung, Verizon, etc. — here’s why I think the smart money is doing something different.

And that’s homing in on smaller stocks that are out of the public eye, and that serve the 5G industry in a unique way that few, if any, can replicate.

In other words, being smaller companies means they have much more room to grow than Apple… which is up 3,159% since The Motley Fool first recommended members buy shares.

The problem is, Apple’s market cap would have to grow to larger than the entire GDP of the United States if it were to increase by that amount again!

Fortunately, The Motley Fool’s team of experts have their fingers on the pulse of 5G…

And they’ve identified one under-the-radar California company that’s cleverly positioned itself with its unique business model and technology. It’s a company that can benefit no matter who wins among the big carriers I just mentioned.

Now, you’ll rarely hear the talking heads in the financial media mention this company in connection with 5G… which works out even better for us.

Because it’s quietly making moves that could see its stock rocket ahead as 5G goes mainstream.

If you’re wondering why you should trust The Motley Fool team, their actual, verified results may help.

In fact, the team’s ability to spot tech trends before they take off speaks for itself. Perhaps you’ve heard about some of The Motley Fool’s early calls on AOL (a 100-bagger)… and the huge gains in Amazon.com, and Netflix I told you about earlier.

The bottom line is that Motley Fool Stock Advisor is beating the S&P 500’s returns by an incredible 4-to-1 margin since its inception.

Which brings me back to the 5G play that could be right underneath our noses today. At this potentially historic moment – this stock really has our attention.

That’s why The Motley Fool has decided to release a special report, “5G On the Launch Pad: An investor’s guide to this once-in-a-lifetime business disruption.”

It not only includes the name and ticker symbol of the unique company I’ve been talking about, but gives you two other recommendations with the potential for big profits when the 5G wave hits.

And it’s free to you just for trying out Stock Advisor, with its famous guarantee that will refund you every penny you paid us if you decide the service is not for you, for any reason.

To learn more about this and the revolutionary potential of the 5G industry, all you have to do is click the box and enter your email.

Because if you’re as excited as I am about the 5G boom, this could be just what you’re looking for.

The number one regret we hear from investors is not getting started soon enough. Don’t look back five years from now, regretting that you failed to act today… before the 5G boom rolls across the country.