With their large size and sweet flavor, Cal Giant’s strawberries roast beautifully. Baked strawberries have a deeper flavor than when they’re raw, and a softer texture that just begs to mingle with warm cheese.

Tossed with honey and a splash of white balsamic vinegar, the berries will release some of their juices as they roast and create a wonderful syrup to spoon over the Brie. I like to use white balsamic vinegar in this recipe for its lighter, fruitier flavor, and to preserve the vibrant color of the released juices. You can substitute classic balsamic here, but your syrup will be a bit darker.

For the best flavor and presentation of this baked brie recipe, it’s important not to over-roast the berries. When serving with cheese, I bake the strawberries for less time than I would for, say, an ice cream or pound cake topping. You want the berries to be soft, but not roasted to the point where they lose their shape.

I like to add fresh mint and chopped pistachios to the strawberries after they’ve roasted. Mint is such a fragrant herb that pairs beautifully with fruit; especially berries.

My friends and family love the contrast of crunchy chopped nuts with the creamy cheese and tender strawberries. I’ve always thought pistachios were made for complementing spring flavors, but your favorite type of nut can be substituted here; I’ve also made this baked brie recipe with walnuts and pecans.