What Are Your Favorite Wrestlers Doing Today?

For those who are big followers of WWE, it is apparent why the franchise has remained so popular over the years. Not only does WWE highlight talented wrestlers who can show off their skills and fitness achievements, but it also provides a source of entertainment for at-home viewers. Since WWE has been around for so long, some of the very well-known wrestlers are no longer as active in the business post-retirement. We’ve created a list to check out what your favorite WWE wrestlers have been up to in recent days.

Big Show – $20 Million

When he first started, his nickname was more basic and he was called The Giant, but later on, he started using his new nickname, Big Show, which audiences remember him as. Big Show has been a world champion seven times and aside from wrestling, he has ventured into acting as well. He has been in quite a few films and TV shows, with one of his biggest acting gigs being the 2010 comedy Knucklehead. His career earnings are currently estimated to be around $20 million.

Tugboat – Unknown

Fred Ottman had nicknames that were spot on. An absolute beast, the Tugboat was Hulk Hogan’s ally at one point and later became part of the group The Natural Disasters (where he earned his other nickname, the Typhoon). Back in 2001, he quit wrestling entirely and embarked on a pretty normal job – he became a safety manager in Florida. In addition, he became a coach of his two sons’ little league teams. Though his net worth is not really known, we are pretty sure Fred is now enjoying retirement after his “normal” career as well as a successful wrestling career.

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