9 Best Drinks To Fight Arthritis And Joint Pain

8. Milk


Whether it is a simple ache or severe joint pain, you need to consult with a doctor for proper treatment. Some treatments for joint pain may include a pain killer, supportive aids for the affected area, and imaging techniques such as X-rays and CT scans. For severe cases, a doctor may also prescribe an antibiotic and perform blood tests to rule out other conditions. Depending on the cause of the joint pain, treatment may include pain medication, physical therapy, and antidepressants.

Joint pain is not always just about the space where your bones meet up. Overall bone health can make a difference in your pain levels, too. Milk contains a nice amount of calcium to strengthen bones and help them maintain a healthy density. Studies have indicated that drinking milk may be able to slow the progression of osteoarthritis and even prevent gout completely.

But, if you have a dietary sensitivity to dairy, milk will more likely exacerbate your knee and joint pain rather than soothe it. In that case, try to eat more green leafy veggies and nuts to make up the difference in calcium.

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