What Causes Aphasia?

Aphasia is a brain disorder that causes a person to have difficulty speaking or understanding the speech of others (via Cleveland Clinic). This disorder impairs the ability to communicate with others since the parts of the brain that control language expression and comprehension have become damaged.

The condition typically affects people in mid-to-old age, and both men and women are equally likely to be diagnosed, according to Johns Hopkins Medicine. While aphasia is often referred to as a condition that affects a person’s verbal speech, it can also impact a person’s ability to write and read (per Verywell Mind). The ways in which speech is processed, understood, and produced can all become distressed when a person suffers from aphasia.

It is crucial to note that aphasia is not a disease. It is a disorder that is caused when there is damage to the brain, which usually occurs abruptly but can also progress over time, according to the Centre for Neuro Skills.

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