Your house clever home hacks that will transform

There are a thousand ways to do something, but only a few ways to do them right. At least, that’s what we always thought until the internet arrived. Life hacks have been all the rage since the term was first introduced by a tech journalist in 2004. While the term has gotten old, the new tips and tricks that people invent are as exciting and fresh as you could hope for!

Let’s take a look at 20 home hacks that are SURE to change the way you live your life!

Protect Your Pizza While Driving

There are few things in life more satisfying than driving home with a hot-and-ready pizza on your passenger’s seat. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have level seats and that means our pizza toppings are also going for a ride during the drive home. Take a swipe at this problem by laying down an empty bottle in your passenger seat. The bottle will keep the pizza level, your toppings in place, and your pie picture-perfect.

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