Millionaire Bullies Poor Family in the Restaurant and Immediately Regrets it the Next Day

We all have heard tales of the rich and elite using their wealth and power to look down on those who do not belong to their class. The sad part is that some of these abuses are done just for the sake of showing off.

While most bystanders would turn a blind eye so that they would not be included in the chaos, some good souls still stand up for what is right. And this millionaire just learned his lesson from the most unexpected person.

A VIP customer

Tony has a favorite restaurant that he goes to several times a week. Everyone in the restaurant knew him because he was a regular and had a favorite table. Because he tipped generously, he and his orders were often given priority.

Every time he walked in and somebody was already seated at his table, the staff would request the people to move to another table and often send them free dessert to make up for the hassle. Because of this special treatment, Tony felt like a king in this restaurant.