In which cases is the All Risks insurance suitable?

All Risks of car insurance is suitable for :


Drivers with a new (or very recent) vehicle with a high resale value. In this case, the goal is to protect your investment.

owners of very modern cars with a lot of technological equipment and/or expensive accessories. Without insurance, the repair of these various elements is indeed very expensive.

Drivers who use their vehicle intensively and drive long distances to and from work daily.

How much does an All Risks insurance cost?

The price of an All Risks car insurance varies according to the formula chosen and the options selected. The All Perils Plus formula is more expensive since it offers additional coverages and even more complete protection.

It should also be noted that the level of deductible chosen in the event of a claim also affects the cost of insurance. The lower the deductible, the more expensive the insurance.

What is included in the All Risks insurance in detail?

All-risk car insurance includes many guarantees. Find out what some of them cover.

What is third party liability?

Third-party liability is coverage that protects the driver when he or she causes material and/or physical damage to a third party. This third party may be a pedestrian, another driver, a cyclist, a passenger in the vehicle, etc.

Benefiting from this guarantee allows the driver to avoid the payment of costs to the victims impacted by his fault.

What is driver protection?

Civil liability coverage is basic protection. It does not protect the driver when he suffers damage, especially when he is at fault. With the driver protection coverage, the insured can claim compensation if they suffer physical damage, coverage of their medical and hospitalization expenses.

What is legal protection following an accident?

Legal protection is very useful to drivers in the event of a claim. Indeed, they can turn to a team of specialized lawyers to learn about their rights and the solutions best suited to their situation. Legal protection also makes it possible to be represented and defended in legal proceedings.

What is the glass breakage?

Glass breakage refers to the damage to a vehicle’s windows. The term glass includes the windshield, side windows, the rear window, but also the roof windows.

What is considered vandalism?

Vandalism refers to damage to the vehicle that is done deliberately and without a legitimate reason. Graffiti, a flat tire, scratches on the bodywork are all examples of vandalism that can be covered by an all-risk car insurance policy.

Note that vandalism differs from breaking, which is aimed at stealing the vehicle. For theft to be considered theft, there must be signs of a break-in, for example, on the vehicle lock.

 What is meant by 0 km breakdown assistance?

Breakdowns do not only occur when you use your vehicle. Sometimes they can be detected as soon as you try to start your vehicle. In these cases, assistance is practical because it provides access to rapid assistance.

 What is meant by the repurchase of a deductible?

The deductible is the amount that remains payable by an insured after a claim. It is normally not reimbursed by the insurer.

Deductible buy-back offers the possibility of avoiding the payment of a deductible. It is generally possible to benefit from it by taking out a dedicated option. However, it is important to note that the conditions for benefiting from the deductible buy-back differ from one insurer to another. At Matmut, for example, the repurchase is conditioned by the completion of the repair work in an approved garage.