12 Things We No Longer Do Thanks to Modern Technology

It’s a tech-filled world, but do you yearn for any of these things we no longer do?


Record players are making a comeback. You can even find typewriter-esque keyboards (complete with the satisfying clacking sound) for your iPad. It’s safe to say that many of us have become nostalgic for some of the technology of the past. Yet, there are plenty of things we’ve gladly left behind.

Forget calling the movie theater to check movie times. Instead, it’s easier to do a quick internet search. And calling to order pizza? We can do that via an app. What other things do we no longer do thanks to modern technology?

No road trip of the past was complete without a printed map straight from MapQuest, highlighted with the important routes. Going back even further than that, do you remember the big Rand McNally Road Atlas? Now, many of us open up Google Maps or let our GPS navigate for us instead.

2. Wait for a Song to Come on the Radio to Record It

Back in the day, with a cassette tape in the player and ready to go, angst-filled teens would sit around the radio and wait for their favorite Rolling Stones song to come on. When they heard it, they pushed that record button faster than you could say, “Gimme Shelter.”

Now, all you have to do is ask Siri to play your favorite music. Or, you can simply open the Spotify app or Apple Music and rock.