Horse Keeps Hugging Woman

Animals and human beings make great companions and that’s one of the reasons why the bond between the two has been documented throughout history. However, apart from being great cuddle buddies, animals can be highly intuitive. There might not be enough solid proof, but we have seen many encounters where animals ought to be protective of their owners. When we talk about pets, you might think of cats or dogs, but you’d be surprised to know how intelligent horses are. That’s what Jolene Jonas got to know when she became pregnant and witnessed the innate nature of her horse. The story starts off with the horse acting strange and Jolene and her husband got quite concerned, but they had no idea what was about to happen next! Turns out the horse was more special than they thought.

Finally Expectant

When the couple first learned that Jolene was bringing life into this world, they were in disbelief. They could not believe their luck! They had been trying to conceive for some while and wanted to complete their family. So, when the pregnancy was announced, everyone was brimming with joy except for one little fellow. The family’s horse, Keola, felt differently about this and wanted to let the family know. This is why the horse’s behavior suddenly changed and the Jolene was concerned. The couple was quite fond of their horse and wanted to share this miracle with her but couldn’t explain her reaction. They both tried to understand her strange behavior but didn’t know what to do. Unlike us humans, animals aren’t verbally expressive, so you have to take everything with a grain of salt.

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